January 2016

Equine Artist Karen Brenner and two paintings featuring mustangs at the Carr Ranch in Tennessee

Which painting to you like best? I just cannot decide...


Two new paintings - featuring mustangs from the Carr Ranch!

Who knew that Tennessee is home to a ranch dedicated to finding homes for wild horses and burros... and they've already arranged over 25,000 adoptions since 1979!

Carr's Wild Horse & Burro Adoption Center is located near Cross Plains, TN, on 1,000 acres. The facility is amazing! Spacious holding pens are arranged to make viewing available horses so easy! Perfect for the people who come from across the USA to adopt.

Paula Carr graciously gave us a tour of the ranch. My favorite part was the huge grassy pasture - home to her small herd of mustangs, including a gorgeous stallion. Of course these are the horses that are in the two Carr Ranch paintings I did for the Beautiful Horses of Tennessee series! Take a closer look:


Carr Ranch Mustangs - painting by Karen Brenner

Carr Ranch Mustangs, 44x22",
oil on masonite, by Karen Brenner


Carr Ranch Mustangs - Dreamy - painting by Karen Brenner, oil on masonite

Carr Ranch Mustangs - Dream, 44x18",
oil on masonite, by Karen Brenner


Carr's Wild Horse & Burro Adoption Center has hosted numerous events - horse trainer's shows, Wild Horse and Burro Days celebrations, horse shows and more.

Paula and her husband Randall are very involved with the Mustang Heritage Foundation, include the foundations popular Extreme Mustang Makeover, which showcases the talent and trainablility of mustangs.

Thank you to the Carrs for their dedication to America's wild horses and burros!


Here are links to more information:

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Mustang Heritage Foundation:

Extreme Mustang Makeover:


Beautiful Horses of Tennessee ... now 11 paintings strong!

The Carr Ranch Mustang paintings are part of my current series, "Beautiful Horses of Tennessee." These are numbers 10 and 11 in the series....which will eventually include over 40 paintings.

Click here to see all the paintings completed so far.




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