Beautiful Horses of Tennessee

Tennessee is the 11th state in equine artist Karen Brenner's "Beautiful Horses of... " series.
Karen traveled throughout the state in the summer of 2015 photographing horses for this project.
She is currently working on lots of paintings....There will be over 40 paintings
when the series is complete. Check back often to see the newest works.

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Destiny - Rocky Mountain Stallion - painting by Karen Brenner

Destiny - Rocky Mountain Horse Stallion - McNatt Farm

Snoopy - Spotted Saddle Horse stallion - painting by Karen Brenner

Snoopy - Spotted Saddle Horse Stallion - McNatt Farm


Canon - Rocky Mountain Stallion painting by Karen Brenner

Canon - Rocky Mountain Horse Stallion - McNatt Farm



Snapshot - Spotted Saddle Horse Stallion - McNatt Farm

Sometimes you run into a little piece of heaven .... and that would be an ideal description of the McNatt farm. We were welcomed by Bobby McNatt, whose family has been raising horses on this 1,000 acre patch of Tennessee for 10 generations. Practice must make perfect because with over 200 years of breeding these McNatt horses are AMAZING!

As Bobby lead Spotted Saddle and Rocky Mountain stallions from the shadows of his barns he said I could pick two to photograph. That was impossible. Luckily Bobby let me photograph more than two. [BIG GRIN]

It was a real privilege to get to photograph and paint the beautiful stallions at the McNatt Farm!

Learn more about the McNatt Farm on their website:


McNatt Family

Bobby McNatt & Family


Mare and Foal - McNatt Farm

Mare & Foal - McNatt Farm

This mare and foal were at the McNatt Farm too. I could not resist painting the lovely pair.



Opp's Im Splashed - Horse Painting by Karen Brenner

Opp's Im Splashed

Opp's Im Splashed - a black spotted roan Tennessee Walking Horse - has a unique look and loads of talent!



Doolittle  - bucksikn mule - painting by Karen Brenner


Doolittle is a talented mule! This buckskin is a superb ride.... and a champion cow muse! Plus a champion in Western dressage. He is on of the 14 different breeds at Clearview Horse Farm in Tennessee.... living with his buddies who include a Friesian and a Gypsy horse, and many more!




Wall Street Illuison Jazz Sinfer - Shetland pony stallion

Wall Street Illusion Jazz Singer

Jazz Singer is a beautiul Shetland pony stallion. He went from feral pony to outstnading herd sire, siring numberous champions and National winners. This lucky guy has a pasture full of girlfriends at his home in Tennessee.



Mini Mom

Mini Mom and Foal

These mini horse and her inquisitive foal were at one of the Tennessee farms we visitied.



Keepers Aley May - Spotted Saddle Horse

Keepers Aley May

Keepers Aley May is a spirited Spotted Saddle Horse mare who almost got away! Well, she did get away, but she was rounded up --- Boy was I glad, because I was was the reason she escaped..... Here's the full story. As you might know, I like to photograph all the horses in my "Beautiful Horses of.. " series, and on my trip to Tennessee I got to meet Aley. She posed beautifully for photos, but if I remember correctly, Trevor, her owner, or maybe his father Mark, mentioned how beautiful she was moving. Well, we were basically in their secluded backyard. The offered to have her run through the yard, promising she would not leave the area.... Hmmmm.... you know how this ends... Aley ran along the edge of the backyard a few times and then must have realized her opportunity! On a final pass along the edge of the backyard she ran gracefully up the hill and kept on running.... Mark was close behind; the pair disappeared down the long driveway and beyond. It seemed like quite a long time (we were holding our collective breaths) before the returned. So happy Aley was captured!

Yes - of course my painting had to capture Aley escaping!

Trevor's mom, Dena, nominated Aley for the Beautiful Horses of Tennessee. The family has had Aley for over 9 years. They were lucky enough to watch her being born, and since then Aley and Trevor have formed an an amazing bond. They have won many ribbons and platters and trophies.

Aley and Trevor

Aley and Trevor



Hy Tone Kryptonite - painting by Karen Brenner

Hy Tone Kryptonite

Hy Tone Kryptonite is a beautiful young sorrel Spotted Saddle Horse stallion. Just two years old, Kryp has the "hair gene" that makes his mane absolutely gorgeous! Judges must agree because Kryp was reserve world grand champion this past year in amateur model stallions.

Kryp and Trevor

Kryp and Trevor (and Mark in the background)


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