Beautiful Horses of Tennessee

Tennessee is the 11th state in equine artist Karen Brenner's "Beautiful Horses of... " series.
Karen traveled throughout the state in the summer of 2015 photographing horses for this project.
She is currently working on lots of paintings....There will be over 40 paintings
when the series is complete. Check back often to see the newest works.

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Cloud and Shy

Cloud and Shy

Usually I do not take photographs inside ... but this tobacco barn in Tennessee proved to be the perfect setting for Cloud and Shy, especially when their owner Melissa brought out a bucket filled with little green apples! What magic lighting!

Cloud is a BLM Mustang - and so awesome! What breeder wouldn't love to get this great color and beautiful body! He is from the Cedar Mountain Utah herd management area. And, as you can tell from the painting, Shy is a by leopard appaloosa.

Melissa and Cloud

Cloud and Melissa





Divine Poetry - Diva

Diva is an elegant bay Arabian, a great gand daughter of the famous Polish stallion, Comet. Noelle had had her less than a year, and was smitten by the mare's abilities! They have been working together with Noelle building Diva's strength and skills! What a pretty Arabian!

Noelle and Diva

Diva and Noelle




Red and Friend - Horse Paintings by Karen Brenner


Kalin's nomintion forher quarter horse gelding, Red, for the Beautiful Horses of Tennssee, saying,
"My sweet heart heorse with the personality of Eeyore!"
Red was in a pasture with a pal, and the evening light was beautiful!
I loved watching them gallop up and down the hillside,
and Kalin was gracious enough to keep them moving while I took lots of photos!

Red and Kalin

Red and Kalin





Zahara, Holsteiner mare, painting by Karen Brenner


Holsteiner mare, Zahara, is a beautiful bay jumper frm GK Performance Horses.






Super friendly Wayon is a spotted palomino.
His owner, Kayla, dercibes im as a "people horse"
because he just likes hanging out with humans more than his horse buddies.





Ima Zippo Shadow

Ima Zippo Shadow



Ima Zippo Shadow and Stormy are stable mates and Jennifer adores them both!

A blood bay Quarter Horse mare, Ima Zippo Shadow- "BJ" is big... 17.1 hands big! Jennifer wrote that BJ "is the best horse a girl could ask for, always meets you at the gate, gives kisses and loves everyone." You can see in the photo below, BJ is a gorgeous mare! But I saw her racing over the field I knew I wanted to paint her in action. She is awesome!

And Jennifer's miniature horse, Stormy, is oh, so cute! He also liked race around! But I wanted to capture his inquisitive side.Stormy has been Jennifer's side kick for 16 years!


Stormy and Ima Zippo Shadow

Ima Zippo Shadow and Stormy with Jennifer





The Producer - Gypsy Vanner stallion - painting by Karen Brenner

The Producer

The Producer is a well known Gypsy Vanner stallion imported from Wales. He is an important foundation horse in the wonderful Gypsy breed who lives at LexLin Ranch in Tennessee.

His owner, Mechelle, calls him a "big love bucket" because of his great temperament. She wrote, "I have photos of children in Wales sitting on the ground grooming his feathers when he was a young colt and to this day he still lets me do that."




Jacks Gray Boy - AQHA - painting by Karen Brenner

Jacks Grey Boy

Jacks Grey Boy is a World Champion American Quarter Horse! He and his owner Fran won the World Championship Superior All Around Horse a couple years ago... and that is an exceptiona feat - competing in 13 different classes and placing well in all of them! They love competing!

Part of their championship must stem from Jacks outgoing personality. I would say he loves putting on a show. When he was set free in their huge arena, Jack raced around dozens and dozens of times - exhibiting his athleticism and speed! At one point Fran and I watched him take a huge leap in the air - as if he was jumping an imaginary 4-foot obstacle!

He is such a showoff!
And I say that in the most complimentary way! I loved our photoshoot!

Fran and Jacks Grey Boy



Aint He Grande - Tennessee Walker stallion - painting by Karen Brenner  Ain't He Grande2

UPDATED - This painting has been updated...I was just going to work on the fence in the background...which you can see in the first painting is just a bit too unsubstantial... and my tube of black paint was right there on the table. I could not help but add a little bit to Ain't He Grande....What do you think? He does look more like the beautiful black stallion that he is, doesn't he?

Ain't He Grande

This black Tennessee Walker stallion is stunningly beautiful! When he walked out of the barn he looked like equine royalty - proud, flashy and totally in charge. He was so confident! What a horse!


Knox a Million

Knox A Million

Knox A Million is a beautiful sorrel Spotted Saddle horse. He posed so calmly with his owner Gina along the driveway to their home. The Gina set him free in his small pasture --- and look out! He has such a fluid, animated way of moving!


Knox A Million and Gina

Gina and Knox A Million




Phantom - a colorful draft horse painting by Karen Brenner


Suzie described her horse Phantom as "...all the colors of the rainbow on four pink hooves.."

The painting of Phantom shows this magically colored draft horse outside the Milky Way Farm, which is where Suzie often rides the gentle giant... along trails developed over the years by the original owners, the Mars family. The pair gives riding tours at the estate.

Suzie and Phantom at Milky Way Farm

Phantom and Suzie




Ivory Pal - painting by Karen Brenner

Ivory Pal

My friend Cindy McCauley wrote a fascinating book about Ivory Pal, a Tennessee Walking Horse stallion. So when she nominated him for the Beautiful Horses of Tennessee, I was thrilled! He is a champion in many ways!

Her's Cindy's brief description of Ivory Pal:

"Ivory Pal lis representative of the naturally gaited Tenneseee Walking Horse. He is beautiful, intelligent and kind and has risen, with his partner, from a show horse refected to a two-time FOSH Horse of the Year in Versatility. Although he was shown for only two years, he won multiple championships. However, his most incredible contribution to the equine world is his bitless and barefoot musical frestyle performances, highlighting the versatility of the breed. He and Rafael have developed a deep connection of trust and mutual reapect. He is simply beautiful. He loves meeting people."

If you love horses, you'll really enjoy Ivory Pal: Born to Fly Higher ~ Beyone the Blue Ribbons. Cindy describes Rafael and Ivory Pal's life together, bonding and learning process.
Click here for more information about Cindy's book.



Rafael and Ivory Pal

Ivory Pal and Rafael




Dinky Dun Cash - AQHA - Horse Painting by Karen Brenner

Dinky Dun Cash Maker

Linda has high hopes for her next great barrel horse - and his name shows it - Dinky Dun Cash Maker! It was fun top photograph him in the dark, cool barn.

Dinky Dun Cash

Dinky Dun Cash Maker and Linda




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