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Horses from the South of France - Horse Paintings by Karn Brenner

White Horses in the South of France
Posted January 25, 2018

The white horses of the Camargue in the South of France were featured on last night's episode of the Amazing Race! My ongoing series "Beautiful Horses of the Camargue" capture the breed in action as they are herded by les guardians (French cowboys) through the amazing ponds, rivers and Mediterrranean Sea.

See my France paintings : Beautiful Horses of the Camargue

MSU Start Again - painting by Karen Brenner

Beautiful Horses of South Carolina
Posted December 26, 2017

This painting of MSU Start Again features an amazing Arabian gelding. He is 16.1 hands - so tall for an Arabian! His owner Kelli had him pose in front of the trees lining the drive to the family's Civil War era homestead. The live oaks probably predate the house - a replacement for the original home that was burnt down during the war.

I loved the dappling of this beautiful Arabian mixed with the dappling South Carolina sunshine. He is part of my Beautiful Horses of South Carolina series.

Check out the paintings in the series : Beautiful Horses of the South Carolina


Abby Donovan gazes at painting by equine artist Karen Brenner in the "Horses" episode of Ray Donovan, a Showtime hit
Abby Donovan, played by Paula Malcomson, gazes at a painting in the "Horses" episode of Ray Donovan. (Photo: Showtime)

Painting featured on Ray Donovan show, "Horses" episode
Posted October 3, 2017

Showtime’s Ray Donovan “Horses” episode, which aired October 1, opened with Abby Donovan, Ray’s wife (played by Paula Malcomson) gazing at a painting. The painting is one of mine! How exciting! It features wild horses running across a colorful desert.

Here's how it happened....Knowing that a script for the episode of Ray Donovan required a painting of horses, one of the show’s producers came  across my artwork online. In May I was contacted by the show’s art director, who inquired about leasing an oil painting for the new bar set they were constructing for session 5 of Ray Donovan.  The art director had selected three possible Western horse paintings from my website, and luckily their first choice was available. I shipped 40x30” oil painting to California just in time for filming.

In the show, the painting is labeled “Cave Hill, Belfast, N. Ireland” which has special significance for Abby, Ray Donovan's wife in the Emmy Award winning show. In reality, the painting is named “Mustangs Running near White Mountain” and is based on photos I took at a BLM wild horse gathering near Rock Springs, Wyoming.

I had no idea how the painting would be used in the storyline. It was so exciting to watch the program and find out the painting played such an important in role in the “Horses” episode. The hour-long episode deals with a very emotional issue—and was beautifully written and acted by the stars of Ray Donovan. In an article for Yahoo Entertainment with Paula Malcomson, who plays Abby, writer Kimberly Potts cites the show as “one of the best TV episodes of the year...”

UPDATE: Because many people reached out about obtaining a print of this painting, cards and prints are available at Fine Art America. Here's the link: https://fineartamerica.com/featured/mustangs-running-near-white-mountain-karen-brenner.html.

You might like to read Yahoo TV’s in depth interview with Paula Malcomson about “Horses” - click here for the article.

This painting by equine artist Karen Brenner is part of the new bar set in season 5 of Ray Donovan.
Bunchy Donovan, played by Dash Mihok, shoots pool in the newly opened bar on Ray Donovan. (Photo: Showtime)

You'll find this painting in my Western Horse Paintings gallery.


Camargue - Two Stallions Up Close, 48x24, oil painting by Karen Brenner

Camargue Two Stallions Up Close
Posted May 5, 2017

My latest Camague painting features the two stallions who we worked with on an early Sunday morning. The light was beautiful and the stallions played together joyfully!

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Camargue Dressage Stallion Rearing, oil on masonite, Karen Brenner

Camargue Dressage Stallion Rearing
Posted February 13, 2017

This third painting from the Camargue features a dressage stallion on a sand dune near the Mediterranean. Trained to rear on command, he was amazing. Watch for more paintings featuring this stallion.

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Moody Mares - Camargue

Beautiful Horses of the Camargue
Posted February 1, 2017

This second painting of the White Horses of the Camague proves that gloomy days are great for taking reference photos of horses! It was drizzing and cloudy during the first afternoon photo shoot.

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Horsemen's Corral February 2017

My Adventure in the Camargue
Posted January 21, 2017

The Camargue horses gallop straight toward our small group of photographers in the picture above. Thanks to the Horsemen's Corral for showcasing one of my photos from the trip on their cover - and including a story about my adventure in the workshop in the South of France. Here's a link to the magazine and article (on pages 8-9)! http://pubs.royle.com/publication?i=378250

See my France paintings : Beautiful Horses of the Camargue


Camargue Horses in Mediterranean - Painting by Karen Brenner

Beautiful Horses of the Camargue
Posted January 8, 2017

It's a new year! And the first painting of my NEW series is done! Yes, the paint is still wet - but here is the first painting in my "Beautiful Horses of the Camargue" series! The series will be showcased on a special section of my website, so watch for more of the famous white horses from the south of France showing up in future paintings soon!

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