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Karen Brenner's Horse Paintings Blog
December 2008


Rose Bowl Parade
Posted December 31, 2008

Does anyone other than me watch the Rose Bowl Parade just to see the horses (on TV of course)? What is your favorite horse unit? Mine is the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. I hope the cameras capture the Andalusians doing the Spanish Walk!

Here's a link to the List of Horses to watch for in tomorrow's parade. (Scroll to the bottom of the web page.)

posted by Karen Brenner

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paint horse

Skippin on Cloud 9
Posted December30, 2008

Skippin on Cloud 9 was grazing in a grassy pasture filled with sparkling daisies with a backdrop of tall blue spruce trees. What a cheerful setting for this blue-eyed beauty!

Her loving owner writes that this buckskin paint mare "literally takes your breath away when she aims those baby blue mascara eyes at you. She has a way about her of easing the day's tensions and you find yourself smiling. To watch her in motion is a whirlwind of color. She has always been a sweetheart since she first captured my heart at three months of age. Her magic had me walking on Cloud 9 when I first saw her and she still does."

What a pretty mare! I hope this painting makes you smile, too.

This is painting number 18 in Karen's "Beautiful Horses of Michigan" series. Click here to see the other completed paintings.

posted by Karen Brenner

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Free Weekly "To Do Lists" Help You Get Organized in 2009
Posted December 26, 2008

Is one of your goals for 2009 to become more organized?

One thing that helps me stay organized is creating a weekly "To Do List" every Monday. As a special project, I designed a printable "To Do List" for each week of 2009. Each week's page has a column for listing things to accomplish that week, a calendar for the week with space to write in appointments or deadlines, an inspirational quote and picture of one of my horse paintings (of course!)
I'd like to share my weekly "To Do Lists" with you! Each Thursday, I'll post a link to the following week's list on my blog. The "To Do List" is a printable pdf file. Print it for free! And start getting organized.

Here is a sneak peek at the heading for the first "To Do List."

You'll have the classiest "To Do List" in your office, home or barn!


Feel free to tell to your friends!

(To subscribe to my RSS feed, use the link in the column on the right.)

posted by Karen Brenner

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Thank you for the beautiful organizer list Karen! - Laura

How clever and how helpful, Karen! Thanks. I'll be using these pages! - Margo

Thanks, Karen, love your art ! - Ken

what a great idea!  I have to do lists laying everywhere on every scrap of paper and it is chaos and ugly--this will be great fun--just printed the first one--that it happens to be Hereje...well, no, that doesn't make it even MORE fabulous! - Terri

Fabulous idea Karen! Very kind of you to share. - Patricia


horse Christmas card

Merry Christmas
Posted Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas to all!

posted by Karen, Echo, Ollie, Sorpresa and DJ

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powerful bay Andalusian stallion horse painting

Posted December 23, 2008

Romerito is an amazing bay Andalusian stallion that I first met a few years ago at the Equine Affaire in Columbus, Ohio. His owner, Gabi, was leading him to an exercise arena. I'll never forget my first impression of Romerito. He was so big, so strong and so powerful -- I guess the best word to describe him is unforgettable. I just followed behind the two of them as they walked to the arena. I wanted to see more of Romerito!

When I started planning the Beautiful Horses of Michigan, I asked Gabi if I could include Romerito, and she agreed even though she was busy planning the first Fiesta Midwest 2008, a celebration of the Andalusian breed held in Ohio last June. I was looking forward to seeing Romerito there, but Gabi had so much to do managing the show, she was not able to bring her wonderful stallion to compete. The show was a huge success, and I'm hoping that there will soon be news about a Fiesta Midwest 2009 which will include Romerito!

I did get to visit Gabi and Romerito when I was driving throughout Michigan photographing horses for the Beautiful Horses of Michigan series. He was grazing in a pasture beside his small band of mares with his wonderful babies by their sides! Gabi calls Romerito "her best friend." It was obvious they enjoy a wonderfully close bond as they played together.

Romerito's painting is so nontraditional. To me, it conveys the immense power and strength that exudes from this beautiful stallion; that energy seems un compressible -- impossible to constrain within the four sides of a painting.

Please take a moment to learn more about Romerito at: Romerito's Website

This is the 17th painting in Karen's "Beautiful Horses of Michigan" series. Click here to see the other completed paintings.

posted by Karen Brenner

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Karen, The site is great and your work beautiful!

I wanted to let you know that a half Arabian, half DHH (Saddlebred, Hackney) horse named Adams Fire has been nominated for USEF's "Horse of the Year" award. He is a beautiful animal and would be wonderful inspiration. I always thought his intelligence and responsiveness are what you expect from an Arabian horse yet his "melting pot" background is ALL American, as is his performance. Very unique!

You can actually visit the Web site to vote here: http://www.usef.org/contentPage2.aspx?id=hotyaward

Congratulations on your work!
- Jenny


Tennesee Walker filly

Banner's Royal Delight
Posted December17, 2008

"Bandee" is a miracle baby, who has been winning everyone's hearts, not to mention more than her fair share of blue ribbons and championships, since she was born. Her owner Jan wrote, "She won her first blue ribbon when she was 4 weeks old. ...She won the Michigan overall weanling . . . the National Championship in Murfressboro, Tennessee [at perfect spot for Tennessee Walking Horses to compete] . . . and took National Grand Reserve. . . . by the end of the Nationals, Bandee was awarded National High Point Champion."

Jan continues, "Bandee is an amazing success story. She is enjoying winter, diving and rolling in snow banks. She is a pure delight to train and play with."

One secret to their success must be the time Jan and her husband, Colonel Don, spend with Bandee. They are at the barn for hours each day teaching Bandee.

When I visited Bandee was a yearling and cute as can be! She adored being around people and had so much fun racing around the arena. She is delightful!

This is the 16th painting in Karen's "Beautiful Horses of Michigan" series. Click here to see the other completed paintings.

posted by Karen Brenner

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Pet Cam Part 2: Paparazzi Puddy Cat
Posted December 16, 2008

My blog yesterday was about the Pet Cam I saw advertised in the Target ad. I also had a link to some directions on how to make your own Pet Cam. I decided to give it a try. Those directions looked a bit complicated. So after digging out one of my old cameras and noting the neck strap already attached, I just got a heavy duty chip clip and snapped the Olympus to Skeeter! Voila! Feline Paparazzi! Doesn't he look like a pro in this photo?

cat with homemade pet cam Skeeter and camera

Off we went to the barn for him to shoot some photographs. Equine photography will of course be his specialty.

Here are some of his best shots:

Pretty good for a cat's first day using a camera!

Okay, he did not take these photos. I'll have to fess up... I took them this morning .... shooting from a "cat's eye view." Skeeter's shots were just birds and mice. :-)

posted by Karen Brenner

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Pet Cam -- unleash the photographer in your kennel
Posted December 15, 2008

I happened to see a Pet Cam in one of the many holiday sale fliers in Sunday's paper. Having seen the neat photos captured by elephants who'd "worked" as photographers capturing rare footage of man-eating tigers by strategically placing cameras disguised as tree trunks near the dangerous beasts [Click here to watch it on YouTube], I have to say the idea of a Pet Cam caught my attention!

Now dogs and cats can join the digital photography bandwagon!

I decided to check the camera out online. Here's a link to the camera: Pet Cam. It's available for less from Target. And I even found a website that shows how to make your own pet camera: Here's a link: Make your own pet cam. This website has a neat photo of the pet camera in action!

I don't think a pet cam attached to one of my horses give me much new insight about their lives since they live in the pasture right in my backyard, but how about my cat? He is often out on the prowl -- sometimes we don't see him for a 24 hours at a time. It might be interesting to see what he sees on his little treks.... and then again... maybe not.

posted by Karen Brenner

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Arabian horse painting

Posted December 12, 2008

Baskeeter is, as his owner Lisa wrote, "26 years young." This chesnut gelding is a wonderful example of the Arabian breed with his people-loving personality. He was an excellent model and seemed to enjoy posing like a pro for the camera.

Lisa also wrote, "Baskeeter (Skeeter) is an older gentleman, but still very handsome. He has a beautiful head and neck, with a seashell shaped star. His is wonderfully gentle and still incredibly gorgeous. I have owned him since he was 10 months old. He means the world to me."

It was so interesting to get to see what a close relationship Lisa and Skeeter have.

As an added note: My rescue cat, who chose us at the local humane society, is also named Skeeter!

This is the 15th painting in Karen's "Beautiful Horses of Michigan" series. Click here to see the other completed paintings.

posted by Karen Brenner

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Beautiful painting! It made my day! - Lisa [Skeeter's owner]


A review of equine photographer Tim Flach's book

Posted December 9, 2008

Visual delights abound in Equus, a new book filled with wonderful photographs by Tim Flach. Opening pages feature abstract close ups of sleek, luscious equine curves and forms; textures and patterns of stripes and spots adding detail. For anyone who loves "white space" this first section of the book will be a favorite. The compositions are striking; artfully balanced abstract shapes are surrounded by the perfect amount of negative space. The photographs are pure art.

In more traditional sections of the book, Tim Flach's photographs capture movement, shadow and light, and extraordinary landscapes. Not limited to horses, Equus explores zebras and other equines on their home turf. You'll fee the chill of the icebergs surrounding the Icelandic Horses in their dark, moody homeland. And smile as the Fjords play in the snow. You'll feel the spray as horses splash along the beach. And soak up the sun with Haflingers gleaming in the golden sunlight.

In the less traditional sections of the book, creativity abounds. You'll smile and be amazed by ideas he presents in this wonderful collection. Tim Flach shares his visual concepts for photographing horses in unique ways throughout the book. And he does it with exquisite skill. The photographs are crisp and clear. They will transport you to his side as he shoots fantastic equines. You'll get the sense that he really gets a thrill out of photographing horses! And you'll get a thrill out of his book, Equus!

Equus is available on Amazon.

posted by Karen Brenner

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I treated myself to this fabulous book for Christmas. STUNNING images that will inspire any horse artist! - Sherri


Pinto Saddlebred stallion painting

One Hot Nite
Posted December 4, 2008

One Hot Nite (Chrome) is a Pinto Saddlebreed ASHA/PtHA tobiano stallion with the sleekest conformation I've ever seen. He was calmly standing in the barn waiting for Holly, his owner, when I first saw him. I love sleek horses, so I was immediately enthralled. Holly lead him out to the round pen, and it was as if a wild fire cracker was ignited. Chrome took off -- flexing his muscles, twisting with glee. He was zooming around the round pen with tremendous dynamic energy. My camera could hardly keep up! I knew I wanted to do an "action-packed" painting of this beautiful stallion.

This painting has a very non-traditional composition, and although it does not picture Chrome's perfect conformation, it does capture his wonderful playfulness, energy and spirit.

posted by Karen Brenner

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Highway to Help:
A Guest Post Regarding Rescue Horses and Shipping
Posted December 3, 2008

Looking for a Charitable Shipment Program?

At uShip.com we pride ourselves in being able to help users pick up more business as well as save up to 80% on shipping needs.  Basically, we use a reverse style market auction format where users are able to list and bid on shipments for free.  A shipper is able to select the bid he wants from the appropriate service provider, and when a match is made, it’s a win-win situation.  uShip.com is a platform for users to ship a variety of things, but we have a special niche for horses.  Keep this in mind next time you are looking to transport a horse and check us out at uship.com/horses.

Recently we launched our charitable shipments program called Highway to Help.  While we enjoy helping others save money, we get even more satisfaction being able to provide a way to help people and animals in need.  Our users seem to share the same philosophy.  When a crisis strikes America, we receive thousands of emails from our users asking if they can ship charitable items in need or if they can help transport the items for free. This program aims to provide shipping solutions for non-profits and other charitable shipments. 

Highway to Help essentially works the same as our original market place.  If someone wants to send a charitable shipment, they post it on our Highway to Help site, and then a service provider will pick the shipment and get in contact with the sender to make sure the shipment gets to the right destination.   The key difference is this program is free of shipping fees. Highway to Help extends to the equine category as well.  There are numerous non-profit horse association groups out there that could benefit from this service.  Shipments could range from the transporting of horses, feed, equipment, or anything needed for that organization.  If you want to learn more please come visit Highway to Help here.

For any of your shipping needs keep uShip.com in mind.  More importantly, for any charitable shipment service, keep our Highway to Help program in mind and Give a Ship!

Written by Leslie Hsu of uShip.com, an auction-style marketplace for Horse Transport

2 Comments -- Click here to add your comment

With the cost of hay and the downturn in the economy, there seem to be many horses that need to be rescued. When Leslie asked if she could post information about her transportation service on my blog, I gladly agreed. Although I have no experience with her company, and can not personally recommend it, I feel they offer a very beneficial service that you might want to explore. Thanks, Leslie, for writing this post. - Karen

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often. - Ruth


oglebay horse light

The Lights at Oglebay
Posted December 2, 2008

Always on the lookout for anything equine, I was not disappointed on the bus trip I took last weekend with friends to see the Christmas lights at Oglebay. There was a rocking horse, Cinderella on the way to the ball in her beautiful carriage drawn by gleaming white horses, and even an horse and rider jumping two fences -- all created from colorful lights! The six miles of creative displays were delightful.

I couldn't help dreaming about how fun it would be to ride through the six miles of displays in a horse-drawn sleigh!

Here's a link for more information about the light display: Oglebay Festival of Lights

posted by Karen Brenner

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