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Horse Paintings Blog - September 2010


friesian paint horse painting

Kina's Whisper of Dawn
Posted September 25, 2010

Kina's Whisper of Dawn is a dream come true for Kim and Nan, sisters who breed their Paint mare to the famous Friesian stallion Jorret. She's a perfect combination of the two breeds with wonderful flowing mane and tail and a bright colorful coat.

Kim wrote, "Whisper's name is very special - Kina's is both of our names [Kim & Nan] and then her name had to start with a W to follow the Friesian registry [WXYZ]. We just did that for fun. Then Whisper was born two weeks early so when I went out to feed early one morning she surprised me. I couldn't believe my eyes. She was standing in the field - Whisper of Dawn."

Whisper posed by Kim's hollyhocks and classical deep red country barn. Then Kim turned her loose in the nearby pasture, where Whisper breezed around moving smoothly and softly - almost like a whisper on the wind.

The "Beautiful Horses of Indiana" web page showcases paintings from the series. More will be added each week.

posted by Karen Brenner

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DC and Desmond
Posted September 23, 2010

Karlene loves her Kripple K Klydes Clydesdales, but forced to choose one to nominate for the Beautiful Horses of Indiana project, she chose Plowridge Farms Desmond. Desmond, a 13 year old Chocolate bay gelding, has been part of Karlene's family since he was 6 months old. Karlene wrote, "I bought him out of the kill auction at Shippessee. I was too late to get his mother. He is a true 'gentle giant.' My son showed him in 4-H and now he is going to go back to 4-H with my granddaughter. We call him our space cadet, as every now and then he takes to listening to the little voice in his head and he will scare himself."

Her friend, Diane, nominated another of Karlene's herd -- DC, who is a little chestnut mini. Karlene sent DC's story: "He was a 22-hand high Belgium but his former owners washed him in hot water. He shrunk, so when we bought him we changed his name to Dry Clean Only [DC]." That story always make me smile!!!

I thought it would be interesting to paint the pair together, and Karlene and her family kindly had them pose for photos side by side as they grazed on the family's lawn.

The "Beautiful Horses of Indiana" web page showcases paintings from the series. More will be added each week.

posted by Karen Brenner

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Karen, you did them justice, they look beautiful! - Karlene


Titian - My Italian Relative???
Posted September 22, 2010

As I mentioned in September 20's blog, at a recent family reunion I found out I just might be related to Titian. Yes, the very famous artist Titian! I instantly recognized his name from the art history classes I took eons ago -- which means he's got to be famous!

As soon as I got home from the reunion, I announced to my husband that I was related to a famous artist!!! He laughed -- (I think he said something like, "Well, I'm related to Abraham Lincoln [which he totally invented on the spot so he could sound important too]. Ha ha.

Next, I dug out the huge art history textbook from my college class and turned to the index. WOW!! Titian was not only listed, he had lots of pages about him AND photos of his paintings, AND - most important of all -- a color photo of one of his paintings -- and this art history book, large though it is, has very few color plates.

I decided to find out more, so decided to see if the library had any books about Titian. YES -- 57 BOOKS from which to choose in the Clevnet system. This was too exciting! I've been reading ever since. . . and Googling about "the family."

Titian -- born Tiziano Vecellio -- lived from 1488 - 1576. He spent about 78 of those 88 years making a living as an artist in Venice - being sent there at the age of 10 to be an apprentice. He was one of the most famous artists of the time, and very wealthy (a rarity for famous artists) making the equivalent of millions thanks to his business savvy, frugal nature and connections with wealthy customers. Titian was considered a close friend of Charles V (Carlos I King of Spain) for whom he created many portraits and paintings. Titian also did work for Charles' son Phillip II, rulers of Spain, and the Popes of the time.

Titian's wonderful artistic talent was recognized by everyone in Venice and the surrounding regions. He was very famous, and Michelangelo, who he met at least once, liked his work. All the classy rich folk lined up to have Titian paint their portraits. Portrait painting was his specialty, and he excelled at capturing life-like images. The people in his portraits look alive!

Titian also did major works for the Church. His amazing religious paintings were often 12' high or larger!

He also did paintings of various mythological tales, painting Greek gods and goddesses from the time before clothing was invented, at least that must be his reason for all those nudes.

Titian worked in oils, using glazes to enrich his work. (This glazing technique is the same one I create my work!) Titian was interested in creating volume and movement in his work -- a radically new idea back during the Renaissance when artists were mainly focused on replicating the Classical style from before the Dark Ages. By the end of his career, Titian was creating loose paintings, and is said to be a forerunner of Impressionism.

So how's Titian related to me? That's what's important here! My copy of the family tree only goes back to the late 1700's, so I had to do a little research.... Well, bad news, it seems like I might have to travel to Italy -- after I learn Italian of course -- to find out. And then my chances of learning more than my super smart, researching relatives have already discovered are pretty much impossible. They have been to Italy already and have access to any existing old church records.

So let's go by hearsay and just say I'm pretty sure Titian and I both share at least one ancestor. That would be Guecello Pozzale. Guecello was appointed Podesta (governor) of Cadore in 1321. According to what I've read, all the Vecellios of the region are descendants of Guecello (or Vecellio). Cadore is a remote area in the Alps of northeastern Italy where all my Italian relatives lived before moving to America. My grandmother's family moved to Pennsylvania from there. Her mother was Maria Lucia Vecellio None. Cadore is also where Titian (Tiziano Vecellio) was born and lived before being sent off to Venice. He always had close ties with the region, and married a girl from Cadore.

I wondered about the "Vecellio None" -- the two name last name -- of my family. It turns out that during the 1600s Cadore had way too many people with the same name. This was the result of the tradition of everyone naming a son after their paternal grandfather. (We're talking Catholic Italians here. Can you imagine the confusion?) A new rule was made in the late 1600's forcing everyone to have two last names.

Well, there you have it. That's how I just might be related to the famous painter Titian. What do you think?

posted by Karen Brenner

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FWF Magic Marker
Posted September 20, 2010

Cheryl brought Magic Marker out of the barn and instantly he turned on the charm! This colorful chestnut and white Pinto stallion is so flashy with his bright coat and high stepping trot. It was exciting to get to photograph him at his home farm.

Magic Marker is 73% Arabian, which gives him a very athletic, yet refined, look. When Cheryl nominated Magic Marker for the Beautiful Horses of Indiana project she wrote that he was "currently leading the nation in High Point Halter . . . although he is really NOT a halter type horse. I believe the judges select him over other horses in his class due to his unique pattern and eye appeal, plus his way of showing."

And being an ex-art teacher of course I love his "artsy" name - Magic Marker!

Magic Marker's intricate Pinto pattern made him a challenge to paint. I wanted to capture his high spirited nature and his beauty. I had "finished" his painting, but was not happy with the results. Then, at a family reunion, I found out my Italian ancestors are from the same family line as the famous artist Titian! I started studying his work, and I especially liked his use of black, a color I very rarely use. I decided to try it out on Magic Marker's painting, and I love the results! I think I'll be using more black in the future. And I'll be blogging about my new favorite artist/relative Titian in the future too!

Cheryl emailed me recently to let me know Magic Marker was named 2009 Year End High Point Pleasure Type Stallion on the Pinto circuit! Congratulations!!

The "Beautiful Horses of Indiana" web page showcases paintings from the series. More will be added each week.

posted by Karen Brenner

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Friesian Drum cross

Posted September 14, 2010

Rishona is a beautiful Friesian/Drum blue roan mare. She's so unique with her big draft-style, curvilinear body made elegant with that Friesian blood. Of course, her most unique quality is her dramatic blue roan coloring. I was amazed by how lovely she was as she trotted, with her dramatically high step, around her pen, that Friesian hair a-flowing.

Her owner, Carol, has had Rishona for six years, purchasing her from Flying W Farms when she was just a 4 month old filly. Carol has three other Friesian sporthorses -- all unique! It was so fun to visit and see the crosses!

But Rishona was the queen of the herd!

The "Beautiful Horses of Indiana" web page showcases paintings from the series. More will be added each week.

posted by Karen Brenner

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welsh cob

Odie Steals the Show
Posted September 9, 2010

Odie patiently watched from behind his gate as Sommertime Razzmatazz posed for photos (see previous her story and painting below). He knew his owner Mark would charm Odie into the Beautiful Horses of Indiana, even though he wasn't on the "list." Plus who could resist a horse as adorable as Odie - he looked like such a character patiently waiting his "turn." Well, I could not resist. . . . I buckled and asked Sharon and Mark to let Odie out in the pasture so I could get a few shots of him before I left.

Odie was ready! He came barreling out into the pasture, kicking up his heels, racing full steam ahead around the enclosure. He looked so good, I knew I'd have to do his painting along with Razz's. So here it is!

Sharon had included another "Mark" story -- this time with Odie's nomination. It seems like Mark was up on a ladder fixing the barn roof one day, when Odie came along and knocked the ladder over! Mark was stranded on the roof for hours until Sharon returned home from work and could rescue him.

The "Beautiful Horses of Indiana" web page showcases paintings from the series. More will be added each week.

posted by Karen Brenner

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welsh pony painting

Sommertime Razzmatazz
Posted September 2, 2010

Dainty and petite, Welsh Ponies have always amazed me, so when Sharon nominated Sommertime Razzmatazz, I jumped at the chance to get to meet this four-year-old mare.

Of course, Sharon's description of Razzmatazz was enticing as well. She wrote, "Razzmatazz is one of the most gentle ponies I know. She has large black eyes, beautiful with her gray face, black forelock and mane."

Sharon explained that the ponies were bred for mining and were very docile -- perfect for children.

Sharon also shared a neat story about her childhood Welsh Pony, Star. You'll find it on the "Beautiful Horses of Indiana" web page under Razz's painting.

The "Beautiful Horses of Indiana" web page showcases paintings from the series. More will paintings be added each week.

posted by Karen Brenner

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OMG Welsh ponies! I never gave them a thought, but now that I have one, I am bowled over. They are beautiful like Arabians, with TONS of personality and VERY sweet. My Tobi is a beautiful blue roan (check out pictures on my blog: http://blogs.chron.com/hoofbeats), and they make wonderful riding ponies for even small adults since they are very strong.
I enjoy your art, I too love horses and art.-- Kerry




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