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Karen Brenner
Wooster, Ohio 44691

Horse Paintings and Photographs by Artist Karen Brenner
Featured in Beautiful New Book

Beautiful Moments in the Lives of Horses is a book for horse lovers only. Packed with over 250 photographs and 80 paintings by equine artist Karen Brenner, its 160 pages overflow with vibrantly colored paintings and action filled photos of horses of all kinds. The artist's luminous oil paintings are beautifully displayed in this coffee table book, but what makes Beautiful Moments in the Lives of Horses extremely unique is the book's combination of paintings, photographs and text. The photos offer an realistic depiction of the horses. The paintings give an interpretive view based on the artist’s personal encounter with the horse and owner. And the text is for those who are curious for details. This combination offers readers an opportunity to look at each horse from a variety of view points. 

Beautiful Moments in the Lives of Horses is designed to provide a thought-provoking escape from the pressures of everyday living — an escape into a world filled with horses. Horses running. Horses playing. Horses eating or resting. The book features over 20 breeds of horses, including chapters on Andalusians, Arabians, Friesians, Paints, Quarter Horses, Appaloosas, Morgans, Haflingers and the all inclusive "More Horses" chapter-- with a dozen more breeds.

Artist Karen Brenner has been photographing and painting horses exclusively for the past seven years. She has taken thousands of photographs at horse competitions and private farms and ranches and has completed over 300 paintings. Beautiful Moments in the Lives of Horses pulls together many of her favorite paintings and photographs.

To preview the first few pages of the book and find out how you can order the book online, visit Karen's website: www.karenbrenner.com.

“Capturing Beautiful Moments in the Lives of Horses,” is the theme for Karen’s work. Her goal is to capture a moment of beauty that can be uplifting, that can brighten someone’s day, that can touch someone’s heart. She hopes her paintings inspire us to recognize and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us everyday.

Karen Brenner’s paintings have a unique, almost impressionistic style. Vibrant colors with a representational, yet not photo-realistic, style are how her paintings are often described. She paints with translucent layers of oil paint, spending approximately three months working on each painting to build up colors that glow. Her compositions often bring the horse to the forefront, for an intimate feeling.

Two of Karen Brenner’s major projects, “Beautiful Horse of Texas” and “Beautiful Horses of Ohio,” feature horses that were nominated by their owners to be included in a painting in the series. Karen Brenner traveled throughout each state to photograph each horse and talk to their owners. She is currently working on "Beautiful Horses of Michigan" and hopes to eventually paint a series from each state.

Karen's paintings can be found on her website: www.karenbrenner.com


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